Things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica – Entertainment

Entertaining in Costa Rica is easy, no matter what the age. Local and national carnivals are a common event. Here you will find amusement park rides for the kids, bars and discos for the adults, and daredevil bull riding shows for all to enjoy. Normally, the entertainment is planned around the countries national soccer teams games, which are shown at restaurants and cantinas across the country. It is rare to enter any operating business and not see the national team game being shown on the television.

Bars, discotecas (clubs), lounges, restaurants, and more are all popular in the San Jose area of Costa Rica. Movie theaters are also abundant and show English versions of all of the latest Hollywood movies with Spanish subtitles. Costa Rica also has bowling alleys, go-kart tracks, video arcades, shopping malls similar to those found in the United States that contains many of the same stores.

Of course, there are also numerous activities to partake in outdoors as well, like horseback riding, atv tours, sport fishing, hiking, whitewater rafting, surfing, tennis, and golf. Resorts of all calibers and qualities are common in Costa Rica. For those seeking a getaway, there are surfer-style, inexpensive beach cabins all the way to five star luxury resorts like the new Four Seasons in Papagayo.

You will not find yourself with a lack of things do to in Costa Rica unless you are unwilling to go out and try things for yourself. If you are visiting Costa Rica and need help finding any tour companies that will show you the ropes, please contact us and we will refer you to a reputable company that will show you what Costa Rica is all about.

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