Chris Spears

Chris is originally from the United States.
His business was building & remodeling custom homes. He started coming to Costa Rica in 2005 and fell in love with the country and a Costa Rican woman he met here. Chris married Elena & she showed him all around the country and when they arrived in the Tamarindo area he knew this was it!
He packed up his things, sold his business, sold his home and never looked back. When you get to know him he will be happy to share all the details that came along with it. His reputation with his clients is consistent:
I got just what I wanted and I love it!

More Specifically

Re/Max has 3 offices that are owned by Chris Simmons. Covering all the areas from Playa Tamarindo to Playa Grande to Flamingo Beach and up to Playa Coco and Playa Hermosa to Playa Panama ( the main areas in Costa Rica)
And we are the number one real estate network in the country and one of the top Re/Max offices in the world.
We have about 75% of the listings and do about 85% of the business.

So if there is a property out there, whether it is our listing or, that of someone else’s, we have access to it and I know about it.
There is nothing that another agent will show you that we don’t know about and haven’t seen and cant help you with.
So I am here to spend as much time as needed to find that specific property, and help you make a successful transition to CR.
The difference between our office and all the other real estate agents in the area, is that we are truly here for you!
Not just to make the sale.

The real relationship starts AFTER you buy the property.
Helping clients relocate, getting everything done for an international move. Introducing you to property managers, pool companies, gardeners services and repair men.
This is why we are such a success, because we go way beyond what any other office or agent would ever do and that is why we are NUMBER ONE!

We are truly in it for the long haul and that is why we are such a success.